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Transform Your Smile with a Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental treatment designed to enhance the appearance of your smile. A cosmetic procedure can correct aesthetic issues, such as cracks, chips, discoloration, and misalignment. At Bluegrass Dental in Murfreesboro, TN, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including Invisalign®, porcelain veneers, and ZOOM! 1 hour teeth whitening. Drs. Todd Martin and Brian Riel can also combine multiple procedures to create a customized smile makeover plan.

Getting Started

Before beginning your treatment, we will schedule an initial consultation for you with Dr. Martin and Riel. During this time, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and expectations with your dentists. Then, the doctor will perform a comprehensive examination to assess your oral health and determine the optimal treatment plan for you. We can use our digital imaging software or create a mockup to help you visualize your expected results and make your final decision.

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We customize your cosmetic treatment plan to your aesthetic goals.

Your Cosmetic Treatment Options

Your treatment timeline will depend on which procedures you pick and how many cosmetic issues you hope to address. We offer a range of cosmetic solutions so that we can tailor treatment to your specific needs.

Teeth Whitening

For smiles affected by mild to moderate discoloration, teeth whitening is a quick and easy treatment to brighten the color of your teeth. We offer in-office or at-home options to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


Consisting of a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners, Invisalign is a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional orthodontics. Dr. Riel and Martin can use this treatment to address many of the same conditions as metal braces without the hassle or discomfort.

Dental Bonding

During a dental bonding treatment, Dr. Martin or Riel can apply tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth to conceal aesthetic concerns, such as minor cracks or chips and discoloration. Bonding can transform your smile in a single office visit.

When you are happy with your smile, it is much easier to use it. At Bluegrass Dental, we want all of our patients to smile with confidence and pride.

Gum Contouring

Often, excess gum tissue can make your teeth appear small or misaligned even if they are perfectly straight. Using specialized laser technology, Dr. Martin and Riel can perform gum contouring procedures to straighten out low or uneven gum lines.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic customized to conceal a range of cosmetic flaws, including chips, cracks, and discoloration. A set of veneers can offer similar benefits to teeth whitening, bonding, dental crowns, and orthodontia in a single treatment.

Smile Makeover

For patients interested in addressing several cosmetic concerns at once, a custom smile makeover plan can combine multiple treatments to produce stunning results. Smile makeovers allow you to stage your treatment into multiple appointments and achieve dramatic effects.

Restorative Procedures

Certain types of restorative treatments offer both cosmetic and restorative benefits. Dental crowns, bridges, and implants can all enhance the appearance of your smile when performed correctly. We use highly aesthetic materials, such as zirconia and IPS e.max®, to ensure our restorative treatments also offer aesthetic results.

Increase Your Self-Confidence

When you are happy with your smile, it is much easier to use it. At Bluegrass Dental, we want all of our patients to smile with confidence and pride which is why we offer cosmetic dentistry treatments. To learn more about transforming your smile, contact our office online or call us at (615) 896-4860 today.

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